Upcycled fashion


Old, ripped or worn, denim is always sexy and fashionable. It was thé basic costume in the 20th century and still is. Pixelpolly transforms old jeans into unique new items with still the feel of vintage. The manufacturing and processing of the upcycled denim products are realized in Amsterdam.

By making or buying a recycled or second-hand garment you contribute to a better environment. It will reduce your carbon footprint because the product does not produce extra CO2 emission. A fair trade product is made under fair working conditions. A recycled denim garment is non toxic ( the chemicals of the production are already washed out); so safe to wear and wash. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to mail me or pm me on Facebook. If you want to come by to see, feel and try. Subscribe to the newsletter for open studio days or send me an e-mail.  For reviews and ratings visit my Etsy shop.

My small contribution to a sustainable world without additional CO2 emission and excessive water use.